Laws In Heaven - Chapter 3

These Laws are to be implemented and integrated into every constitutional law on Earth right here in Heaven with King Divine Yahuah. The current humanity crisis which is Spirituality catastrophe where living has become unholy due to our hesitant to practice Spirituality with our Father and Creator King Divine Yahuah for our spirit or soul development in Holiness means Human laws across Heaven on every land is no longer working. The effectiveness of laws can be achieve by the integration of King Divine Yahuah our spiritual Holy essence into every law. In this case the implementation of King Divine Yahuah Universal Laws (KDYU Laws) is strongly advised with immediate effect. The law in the beginning started with King Divine Yahuah our Father and Creator, this should have been maintained to flow through all constitutional laws as Heaven develops, with Him in Spirit and us His children spirits in physical as we do this together to accomplish and achieve the purpose of Heaven. We are no longer living in the Old World when man fall, spiritually King Divine Yahuah has changed everything to reinstate Heaven back to its original state, we are now in the New World. Royals, Elders and Authorities of every land or country are to implement and integrate King Divine Yahuah Universal Laws into every constitutional law with King Divine Yahuah Who is Spirit and in spirit through the practice of individual's Spirituality with Him.